[Nrg-l] Reminder: NRG Presentation: March/30/2009

Jorge Londoño jmlon at cs.bu.edu
Sun Mar 29 23:19:30 EDT 2009

*Speaker:* Chong Wang

A New Economic-Based Model for AS Topology Generation


In this talk I will present our in-progress work on a new economic-based 
model for AS topology generation. Compared to traditional mathematical 
models, economic-based models reveal more practical situations during 
the formation and evolution of the network. Based on observations from 
publicly available facts, we designed a new economic-based AS topology 
generation model. It incorporates some recent results from the network 
community and reveals more constraints in reality compared to existing 
models. In our model, each AS selfishly optimizes its own utility, and 
its optimized decision has influence over the whole network and thus all 
ASs. We model the optimization problem for each AS, devise mechanism to 
solve the problem and discuss the properties of generated topologies 
from different parameter settings.

*Time and Place:*
4:00pm, Grad Lounge

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