[Nrg-l] Reminder: NRG Presentation: TODAY @ 2:00PM (Notice the special time)

Jorge Londoño jmlon at cs.bu.edu
Mon Mar 16 08:25:44 EDT 2009

*Speaker:* Fulvio Risso - Politecnico di Torino

Safe and Efficient Packet Filtering using Finite State Automata


This seminar will present a set of preliminary results of an early work 
that models packet filtering programs through a Finite-State Automata. 
The presented FSA-based packet filtering technique focuses on safety by 
ensuring program termination and bounds checking without the need for 
any additional middleware. In other words, safety is guaranteed by 
construction and no virtual machines are required for safe filtering 
execution. This technique enables the generation of a large class of 
stateless filters that are able to process many common protocol formats 
and complex protocol encapsulation relationships, extracted from a 
NetPDL protocol database. Under the simplified computational model 
employed filter composition can performed simply yet efficiently, 
enabling optimizations that traditionally require extensive data-flow 
analysis and complex algorithms. Experimental results show that 
FSA-based filters perform at the same level as other filters compiled 
with modern JIT approaches and that the impact of run-time safety checks 
is extremely low.

*Short Bio*:

Dr. Fulvio Risso (born in 1971) is Assistant Professor at the Department 
of Control and Computer Engineering of Politecnico di Torino, Italy. He 
got his Ph.D. in Computer and System Engineering from Politecnico di 
Torino in 2000 with a dissertation on Quality of Service on 
Packet-Switched Networks.
He is author of several papers on Quality of Service, Packet Processing, 
Network Monitoring and IPv6. Present research activity focuses on 
efficient packet
processing, network analysis and network monitoring. Dr. Risso started 
several software projects including WinPcap, the de-facto standard 
library for network analysis tools under the Windows platform, Analyzer, 
a well-known network sniffer, and NetBee, a new packet processing 
library that includes an innovative hardware abstraction (the NetVM) and 
protocol description language (NetPDL).

*Time and place:*
2:00pm Grad Lounge (Take note of the special time)

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