[Nrg-l] WING Seminar Wednesday 1pm: Victoria Manfredi, UMass-Amherst

Crovella, Mark E crovella at cs.bu.edu
Mon Jun 15 12:29:15 EDT 2009

WING Seminar

Robust Routing in Dynamic Networks
Victoria Manfredi
U. Mass Amherst
Wednesday, June 17
Grad Lounge

Wireless and mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs) are distinguished by 
time-varying link characteristics and network topology. In such dynamic 
environments, network protocols must accommodate the changes, providing 
end-end packet delivery while at the same time incurring low control 
overhead. Yet this ideal is difficult to meet in practice:  end-end 
delivery requires some form of end-end (potentially global)
and frequent changes make adaptation to each and every change costly. 
Focusing on the dynamic nature of wireless networks and MANETS, we 
are interested in ways to make protocols for such networks robust to 
changing network conditions. While a particular protocol may not be 
optimal for a single specific network configuration (e.g., specific 
network topology and link characteristics), a ``robust" protocol will 
perform well over a larger set of likely network configurations: i.e.,
protocol is robust to changes without requiring global re-computation.
this talk, I will focus on the problem of robust routing and will 
specifically describe a routing algorithm for MANETs that has the
goal of maintaining connectivity while limiting control overhead.

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