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Tue Mar 25 22:16:49 EDT 2008

*Speaker*: Raymond Sweha


In this talk I will present a set of techniques used for End-System Stream Multicast -- specifically those proposed by Jin, Sharma, Bestavros, and Matta (see references below). These techniques were inspired/influenced by the Skyscraper approach proposed by Hua et al. I will contrast cache-and-relay versus prefetch-and-relay, whereby in the former end-systems cache played-back content as opposed to prefetch future content in the stream. 


1) Kien Hua. Skyscraper Broadcasting: A New Broadcasting Scheme for Metropolitan Video-on-Demand Systems*.* In proceedings of SIGCOMM'97
This Paper presnet the Skyscraper approach which is the base for the work we present.

2) Shudong Jin and Azer Bestavros. Cache-and-Relay Streaming Media
Delivery for Asynchronous Clients. In proceedings of NGC'02

This paper overviews the basic "Cache and Relay" approach and presents
analytical results regarding its scalability. 

3) Azer Bestavros and Shudong Jin. OSMOSIS: Scalable Delivery of
Real-Time Streaming Media in Ad-Hoc Overlay Networks. In Proceedings of

This paper presents the implementation details of Cache and Relay

4) Abhishek Sharma Azer Bestavros and Ibrahim Matta. dPAM: A Distributed
Prefetching Protocol for Scalable Asynchronous Multicast in P2P Systems.
In Proceedings of Infocom'05.

This paper considers the effects of churn on cache and relay systems,
and proposes the use of prefetching as a better technique. It provides
evidence of the scalability of this technique even in the presence of

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