[Nrg-l] Area Oral Exam of Niky Riga: TODAY @ 11am

Abraham Matta matta at cs.bu.edu
Tue Jan 22 09:57:35 EST 2008


Computer Science Department
Boston University

Date: Tuesday January 22, 2008
Time: 11:00am
Place: Room MCS 135, 111 Cummington Street
Transport Challenges in Wireless Multi-Hop Networks

Niky Riga


Reliable data transmission over wireless multi-hop networks has proven
to be non-trivial. Initial studies in the area showed the inadequacy of
TCP to serve as a transport protocol in wireless environments and
especially over ad hoc networks where the topology is dynamic and there
is no infrastructure provided.  

In this talk I will present a survey of proposed solutions, debate
whether a mere modification to TCP is enough to overcome the old invalid
all-wireline assumption, and discuss architectural changes that
challenge conventional layered design.

Examination Committee: 

Azer Bestavros
John Byers
Ibrahim Matta (Major Advisor)

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