[Nrg-l] Remainder - Thrusday May 1st @ 11am

Jorge Londoño jmlon at cs.bu.edu
Wed Apr 30 10:55:01 EDT 2008

Tomorrow Christine will present some of her own research work.

This is the abstract the talk:
Service discovery is one of the crucial components in ubiquitous 
computing where people and computational devices embedded in the 
surroundings invisibly interact and share services. Such services are 
either hardware, like printers, fax machines, or software like files or 
drivers. In this paper, we focus on the challenges of designing a 
dependable and efficient service discovery protocol for highly dynamic 
ad hoc networks. Due to the nature of such networks, service discovery 
faces various challenges such as the high mobility of the devices, the 
limited battery power and the nonexistence of an infrastructure. A fully 
distributed, energy efficient, service discovery protocol is proposed 
and its performance is evaluated through simulation experiments. Results 
showed a significant improvement in terms of saving the power capacity 
of the devices in the network and minimizing the delay and the failure 
rate of service requests.

Place and time:
May 1st, 11am
Grad lounge - CS Lab

Hope to see you all tomorrow,


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