[Nrg-l] CS Colloquium: John Zinky, Wed Apr. 30th @ 11am

Azer Bestavros best at cs.bu.edu
Tue Apr 29 14:10:06 EDT 2008


Title: Cougaar Agent Middleware 

Speaker: Dr. John Zinky 
Speaker affiliation: BBN Technologies


Host: Azer Bestavros 

Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2008 
Time: 11:00 - 12:30 PM 
Location: 111 Cummington St, MCS 135 


Cougaar is a Java-based architecture for the construction of large-
distributed agent-based applications. It is a product of two
multi-year DARPA research programs into large-scale agent systems
eight years of effort. Cougaar provides developers with a framework for
implementing large-scale distributed agent-based applications, in
stressed a
environment. The framework is highly configurable which allows the
to be tailored to specific situations, from hand-helds to enterprise
computers. The Cougaar-agent architecture has a clean separation of
logic in the form of Agents, from systemic adaptation in the form of the
run-time Environment. This talk will discuss the Cougaar agent framework
concentrating on its QoS-adaptive services and flexible configuration. 
Cougaar is open source, see http://cougaar.org

Short Biography: 

John Zinky has worked at BBN Technologies for 25 years, researching the
interaction between distributed applications and networks. He has worked
stabilizing routing on the ARPANET; built expert systems to model and
visualize computer networks; and has created QoS-adaptive middleware for
Object-based system (QuO) and agent-based system (Cougaar). He graduated
from Boston University in '89 and taught graduate classes at BU on the
performance analysis of wide area networks in the early '90's

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