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Jorge Londoño jmlon at cs.bu.edu
Wed Apr 16 14:10:00 EDT 2008

*Speaker:* Chong Wang


Generating Annotated Internet Topologies using Degree Correlations

I will present the following 2 papers from Sigcomm 2006 and 2007:
P.Mahadevan, D.Krioukov, K.Fall, A.Vahdat, Systematic Topology Analysis
and Generation Using Degree Correlations
P.Mahadevan, C.Hubble, D.Krioukov, B.Huffaker, A.Vahdat, Orbis: Rescaling
Degree Correlations to Generate Annotated Internet Topologies

Researchers have proposed a variety of metrics to study topological
properties of networks. However, there is little understanding of the
relationships among individual metrics or their applicability to different
settings. A systematic method uses dK-series of probability distributions
specifying all degree correlations within d-sized subgraphs of a given
Techniques to construct random graphs that reproduce dK-series will be
discussed. Experiments show that d=2 case can approximately reconstruct
the Internet AS- and router-level topologies. Based on this and other
observations of Internet characteristics, graphs of different sizes that
reproduce 2K-series can be generated. Finally, the Internet's router level
topologies annotated with AS membership information can be generated using
a top-down approach.

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