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Looks like an interesting seminar!


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Below is a seminar announcement that may be of interest to the
networking community:

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Subject: TOC seminar 5/7: Lenore Cowen
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Theory of Computation Seminar
Speaker: Lenore Cowen, Tufts University
Place and Time: Monday, 5/7, Maxwell Dworkin 221
Refreshments at 2:30, Talk at 2:45

Title: Compact Routing from Theory to Practice

The compact routing problem is a classical problem in the theory of 
distributed algorithms. Compact routing achieves routing tables whose
grows sublinearly with the number of network nodes in exchange for near
optimal, rather than optimal shortest path routes.In addition, some
schemes achieve a "name independence" property where node are
assigned persistent identifiers in a way that is decoupled from the
underlying network topology. `Name independence''
(also called ``flat addressing'' or a ``flat address space'' in the
Networking community) has recently gained traction as one approach to
slate Internet redesign that may be required to handle increasing number
mobile nodes (i.e. laptops; wireless devices) and dynamic changes in
connectivity.  In fact, several recent proposals for a complete redesign
the Internet architecture have called for separating the naming layer
the packet forwarding layer.

We show that compact routing schemes perform even better on power-law
networks that may more realistically model the Internet's inter-AS
and give both theoretical and experimental results. We also discuss 
remaining questions about dynamic networks, congestion control, traffic
engineering, and policy that must also be addressed for any compact
scheme to be extended into a realistic candidate for a next-generation 
routing protocol.

Upcoming TOC seminars and related talks:
5/7, 12:30pm: Shien Jin Ong Ph.D. defense
5/7: Lenore Cowen, Tufts
5/14: Allan Borodin, Toronto 

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