[Nrg-l] Guest Speaker: Fabain Bustamante, April 13

Richard West richwest at cs.bu.edu
Thu Mar 29 17:59:22 EDT 2007


Fabian Bustamante from Northwestern University will be in town on April 13
to present some of his work. Please come along if you can.



3R: Ensuring Sustainable Scalability in Globally Distributed Systems

Fabian Bustmante
Northeastern University

Date: Friday, April 13
Time: 3:30pm
Place: Graduate Lab


An appealing model for building large-scale distributed systems is a
cooperative one in which nodes are expected to contribute resources in
exchange for using the supported services. Beyond its potential for
natural scalability and high performance, this cooperative approach can
deliver the robustness of self-organization, as some nodes autonomously
compensate for the failures of others. We are experimenting with this
approach in a number of domains and applications, including data-sharing
services and overlay multicast systems.

  The past few years have witnessed a growing number of cooperative,
globally-distributed systems. Most of these systems are built following an
overlay approach and under the assumption that no information is available
about the underlying network. Thus, each of these systems regularly and
independently probes its environment as it attempts, for instance, to
route around problematic links or find good hosts to replicate content to
ensure availability or durability. As this class of systems grows in
popularity, the do-it-yourself approach will result in an unsustainable
degree of network monitoring (and poor measurement accuracy) and restrict
the variety, number and span of large-scale distributed services.

  In this talk, I will present some of my group's efforts in highly
scalable, cooperative systems and introduce our newest project aimed at
ensuring sustainable scalability across distributed systems. Our 3R
approach is based on the thesis that a large fraction of
globally-distributed systems can reduce their aggregated control and
administrative overhead by strategically reusing/recycling the view of the
network gathered by long-running, ubiquitous services such as CDNs and P2P
systems.  In a recent SIGCOMM publication we show, for instance, that
redirections by the Akamai CDN are primarily driven by network conditions,
and we illustrate how these redirections can be used as hints for network


Fabin Bustamante is an assistant professor in the EECS Department at
Northwestern University. He joined Northwestern in 2002, after receiving
his Ph.D. from the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. Fabin is a
recipient of the National Science Foundation CAREER award. He is the head
of the AquaLab group at Northwestern, which researches systems issues in
large-scale distributed computing. Fabins research has been funded from
various sources, including the NSF, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft and
Motorola. He frequently serves as part of program committees in leading
conferences including ICDCS, ICAC and WWW, and is the founder and co-chair
for the new Workshop on Hot-Topics in Autonomic Computing Systems. For a
list of publications and more detailed information, please visit:


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