[Nrg-l] Area Oral Exam of Michael Ocean: Friday 6/29 @ 11am

Azer Bestavros best at cs.bu.edu
Thu Jun 28 21:23:38 EDT 2007


Computer Science Department
Boston University

Date: Friday, June 29th 2007
Time: 11:00am
Place: Room MCS 135, 111 Cummington Street

A Survey of Sensor Network Development Platforms

Michael Ocean


As the commoditization of sense and response hardware continues so does
the opportunity for increased Sensor Network (SN) deployments. Despite
the documented benefits of augmenting a variety of environments with
Sensor Networks, widespread adoption of SNs has yet to occur. While
solutions have emerged to many SN-centric challenges (e.g., power
management, communication protocols, role assignment, code
dissemination, content-aware addressing), perhaps the largest obstacle
to widespread SN deployment is that those who wish to deploy and
maintain a Sensor Network lack the programming and systems expertise to
do so. To that end a variety of works have been exploring extending
language and run-time support services to SNs as an alternative to
low-level, device and role-specific code. We term these works Sensor
Network Development Platforms (SNDP). While SNDPs all share the common
goal of easing Sensor Network development and deployment, they differ
significantly in the granularity at which the SN is programmed, what
entities are abstracted, and the services they provide. In this paper we
explore the current field of SNDP offerings, provide a taxonomy of the
area, and present an overview of the most visible of these works.


Examination Committee: 

Azer Bestavros
Assaf Kfoury
Ibrahim Matta
Rich West

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