[Nrg-l] Area Oral Exam of Jorge Londono: Tuesday 6/12 @ 4pm

Azer Bestavros best at cs.bu.edu
Fri Jun 8 12:43:54 EDT 2007


Computer Science Department
Boston University

Date: Tuesday, June 12th 2007
Time: 04:00pm
Place: Room MCS 135, 111 Cummington Street

Constrained Embedding Problems in Distributed Systems

Jorge Londono


We consider the problem of mapping an overlay into a hosting
infrastructure subject to constraints in the form of either QoS
parameters or special attributes and capabilities of the resources. This
problem appears in various settings, such as in testbed networks,
overlay networks, grid computing, sensor networks, among others.
Interestingly, the commonalities in all these cases let us consider the
problem from a general resource management perspective and identify the
issues and techniques applicable to all of them. Additionally, the ever
increasing adoption of virtualization technologies gives us an extra
degree of freedom that can be exploited for facilitating/optimizing the
allocation problem, but at the cost of more complexity at the time of
meeting the system's QoS constraints.

In this talk I will present a comparative overview of the current
research in this area and identify some of the open problems of

Examination Committee: 

Azer Bestavros
John Byers
Mark Crovella
Ibrahim Matta

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