[Nrg-l] RESCHEDULED TO 11am: Chaintreau / Opportunistic Mobile Social Networks

Mark Crovella crovella at cs.bu.edu
Fri Dec 14 10:12:22 EST 2007

Hi all -
Due to a variety of scheduling conflicts, Augustin Chaintreau's talk has been moved to 11am (today, same place).


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	Invited Speaker: Agustin Chaintreau
	Opportunistic Mobile Social Networks 
	Portable devices with increasing storage and communication capabilities becomes more common everyday. For delay-tolerant applications, these devices may exploit human mobility and 
	local contacts, bypassing infrastructure to extend services and increase capacity. This talk presents a couple of issues related with the theory and practice of such opportunistic mobile networks. The notion of the diameter of a network is revisited with regard to time, as we provide evidences that the small world effects are relevant even under an optimal delay. We then describe a practical case of mobile social application that is being tested this week among participants of a conference. Questions and discussions about this topic are highly encouraged. 
	(this project is a joint work with Jason Lebrun, Abderrahmen Mtibaa, Earl Oliver, Anna Kaisa Pietilainen, Jon Crowcroft, Christophe Diot, Laurent Massoulié) 
	Place: Grad Lounge
	Time: 10am

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