[Nrg-l] Guest Speaker: Fabian Bustamante, April 13

Richard West richwest at cs.bu.edu
Fri Apr 13 15:11:38 EDT 2007


I have a guest visiting today from Northwestern. I'm sure many of you
would be interested in his presentation at 3:30pm, so please come along if
you get the chance.



> ------------------
> 3R: Ensuring Sustainable Scalability in Globally Distributed Systems
> Fabian Bustmante
> Northeastern University
> Date: Friday, April 13
> Time: 3:30pm
> Place: Graduate Lab
> Abstract:
> An appealing model for building large-scale distributed systems is a
> cooperative one in which nodes are expected to contribute resources in
> exchange for using the supported services. Beyond its potential for
> natural scalability and high performance, this cooperative approach can
> deliver the robustness of self-organization, as some nodes autonomously
> compensate for the failures of others. We are experimenting with this
> approach in a number of domains and applications, including data-sharing
> services and overlay multicast systems.
>   The past few years have witnessed a growing number of cooperative,
> globally-distributed systems. Most of these systems are built following an
> overlay approach and under the assumption that no information is available
> about the underlying network. Thus, each of these systems regularly and
> independently probes its environment as it attempts, for instance, to
> route around problematic links or find good hosts to replicate content to
> ensure availability or durability. As this class of systems grows in
> popularity, the do-it-yourself approach will result in an unsustainable
> degree of network monitoring (and poor measurement accuracy) and restrict
> the variety, number and span of large-scale distributed services.
>   In this talk, I will present some of my group's efforts in highly
> scalable, cooperative systems and introduce our newest project aimed at
> ensuring sustainable scalability across distributed systems. Our 3R
> approach is based on the thesis that a large fraction of
> globally-distributed systems can reduce their aggregated control and
> administrative overhead by strategically reusing/recycling the view of the
> network gathered by long-running, ubiquitous services such as CDNs and P2P
> systems.  In a recent SIGCOMM publication we show, for instance, that
> redirections by the Akamai CDN are primarily driven by network conditions,
> and we illustrate how these redirections can be used as hints for network
> detouring.
> Bio:
> Fabin Bustamante is an assistant professor in the EECS Department at
> Northwestern University. He joined Northwestern in 2002, after receiving
> his Ph.D. from the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. Fabin is a
> recipient of the National Science Foundation CAREER award. He is the head
> of the AquaLab group at Northwestern, which researches systems issues in
> large-scale distributed computing. Fabins research has been funded from
> various sources, including the NSF, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft and
> Motorola. He frequently serves as part of program committees in leading
> conferences including ICDCS, ICAC and WWW, and is the founder and co-chair
> for the new Workshop on Hot-Topics in Autonomic Computing Systems. For a
> list of publications and more detailed information, please visit:
> http://www.aqualab.cs.northwestern.edu.

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