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                    Applications are invited by the
         Communication Systems Group at ETH Zurich, Switzerland


                          Post-doctoral Fellow
                          in Network Security.

The Communication Systems Group [http://www.csg.ethz.ch/] conducts
internationally-acclaimed research on

* Autonomic network architectures,
* Wireless ad hoc networks,
* Delay- and disruption-tolerant networking, and
* Network security.

                            ***  Topic  ***

The focus of this position is to some extend still open and can be
defined by the successful candidate. Possibilities include, among
others, network monitoring and network trace analysis, as well as attack
mitigation or large-scale network simulations.

The Communication Systems Group has access to a comprehensive NetFlow
data archive from a medium-sized national Swiss ISP. With the help of
this data, we are in a perfect position to conduct cutting edge research
in the area of backbone traffic analysis and network security.

                           ***  Position  ***

The Communication Systems Group offers a creative environment to conduct
research and to be involved in teaching.

This is a post-doctoral, grant-funded full-time position with a very
competitive salary. The successful candidate has a formal working
contract as ETH Zurich staff member.

The responsibilities of the position include, but are not limited to:

* Research in flow-based network security analysis,
  both in terms of
  - theoretical models and methods, and
  - practical applications and prototype systems.

* Participation in academic and industrial research projects

* Acquisition of new research projects and funding

* Leading a group of highly motivated Ph.D. students

* Participation in teaching duties with the possibility of lecturing

                         ***  Requirements  ***

We are looking for an outstanding candidate who is highly motivated to
conduct top research, participate in teaching duties, and lead a group
of graduate students.

Maturity, self-motivation and the ability to work both independently and
as a team player in local and international research teams are expected.

The technical requirements are:

1. A Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering, computer science or
engineering, or a closely-related field. Ph.D. students are welcome if
they expect to receive their degree before the end of 2006.

2. A track record in highly competitive scientific research and
publishing at conferences and scientific journals with global impact in
the fields of network security, traffic engineering, or a closely
related field.

3. Excellent language skills in English; German language skills are a

                         ***  Application  ***

The position is available immediately. The selection process will begin
upon receipt of the applications. The preference is given to
applications that arrive before 30th of October 2006.

Applications must contain:
- A statement of interest
- A detailed curriculum vitae
- Names of at least two references
- Additional documents, in particular copies of degree certificates and
  the associated scores.

Send your application via e-mail with the subject line **Postdoc** to

                   jobs-netsec at tik.ee.ethz.ch

We are an equal-opportunity employer. We especially welcome female

                           ***  Contact  ***

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Plattner
Dr. Martin May
Daniela Brauckhoff
Bernhard Tellenbach

Computer Engineering and Networks Laboratory ETH Zurich

Gloriastrasse 35
CH-8092 Zurich

Dr. Martin May        | Swiss Federal Institute of Technology  (ETH) |
Office: ETZ-G96       | Communication Systems Research Group         |
Ph:   +41 44 632 6894 | Gloriastr. 35  CH-8092 Zurich                |
Fax:  +41 44 632 1035 | <http://www.csg.ethz.ch/people/maym>         |

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