[Nrg-l] FW: Prob sem: Self-similarity and computer traffic

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Here is an introduction to the topic from one of the world's experts in
the field, and a BU faculty member.


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Subject: Prob sem: Self-similarity and computer traffic

SERIES: Prob. and Stat. Seminar at Boston University

SPEAKER:  Murad S. Taqqu  (Boston University)

TITLE: Self-similarity and computer network traffic: an introduction

DATE:  Tuesday, September 19, 2006

TIME:  10 am - noon

 (Boston University, 111 Cummington Street, Mathematics Department)

ABSTRACT: Self-similarity refers to invariance in distribution under a
suitable change of scale. The standard example is the Gaussian process
known as fractional Brownian motion whose increments display long-range
dependence. Ethernet local area network traffic appears to be
approximately statistically self-similar. This discovery, made about
twelve years ago, has had a profound impact on the field. This is the
first of a series of talks on this subject and on self-similarity in
general which will be one of our main topics this semester.

All our welcome.
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