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October 16, 2006:
Speaker: Michael Neufeld, BBN
Title: "Architectural Considerations for Network and Sensor Systems"

The network stack has come under increasing pressure as of late. Rapid
increases in computing power and novel networking systems have
encouraged the development of cross-layer architectures in order to more
fully exploit the capabilities of communication channels and new
networking hardware. In this work we use the underlying physics and
mathematics of computer communication and basic requirements of
applications to identify the fundamental abstractions and cross-cutting
concerns that networking and sensor architectures should take into
account in order to fully exploit current and future technology. In
particular we focus on finding and describing the fundamental
abstraction barriers (commonly referred to as "waistlines") in
communication systems that should shape future networking software and
hardware system architectures. 
Michael Neufeld is currently a scientist working in the Mobile
Networking Systems group at BBN Technologies in Cambridge, MA. He
received an A.B. in Computer Science from Princeton University in 1993,
and spent the following five years working as a software engineer. He
received M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the Computer Science department at
the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2002 and 2004 respectively. Dr.
Neufeld's research interests generally fall into the broad "Computer
Systems" category, though recently he has been concentrating on wireless
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