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Subject: TALK:Thursday 5-18-06 Algorithmic Performance in Complex

Algorithmic Performance in Complex Networks Algorithms and Complexity
Spring 2006
Speaker: Milena Mihail
Speaker Affiliation: Georgia Tech.
Host: Madhu Sudan
Host Affiliation: MIT CSAIL

Date: 5-18-2006
Time: 4:00 PM - 5:15 PM
Location: 32-G575

Complex networks, like the Internet, the WWW and peer-to-peer networks,
are all-pervasive and are growing at an unprecedented rate. It is
therefore of fundamental importance to study the scaling behavior of
algorithms that run on these networks, as well as develop design
principles that support efficient algorithms for these networks. In this
talk we will study algorithmic issues such as routing on the Internet,
searching and crawling on the WWW, and the design of peer-to-peer

Unlike previous approaches to these issues which involved degree
distributions, the small world phenomenon etc., our main technique
relies on finding ways of determining and enforcing coductance of the
topologies underlying the graphs of these networks.

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