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> Date: March 10, 2006 7:20:31 PM EST
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> Subject: [Nrg-l] Azer's Talk at March 13 2006
> Hi All,
> We are happy to announce that  Azer will be giving a talk on
> "Typed Representation and Analysis of Network Flows for Scalable
> and Practical Interoperability Checks"
> Based on the paper:
> Azer Bestavros, Adam Bradley, Assaf Kfoury, and Ibrahim Matta. Typed
> Abstraction of Complex Network Compositions. In Proceedings of  
> ICNP'05:
> The 13th IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols,  
> Boston, MA,
> November 2005.
> Unofficial Title:
> "How to (and why sometimes we have to) judge a book by its cover"
> Where: Grad Lounge, Research Lab
> When: 5:00 PM, Monday Mar 13, 2006
> Please do check out the demo at the link given below and
> hope to see everyone at this interesting talk,
> Vijay
> Abstract:
> The heterogeneity and open nature of networked systems make  
> analysis of
> compositions of components quite challenging, consequently making the
> design and implementation of robust network services largely
> inaccessible to average network architects and network application
> programmers. In this talk I will overview a novel type system and
> associated type spaces, which constitute accessible representations of
> the results and conclusions that are derivable using complex
> compositional theories. These representations allow a networking  
> system
> architect or programmer to be exposed only to the inputs and output of
> compositional analysis without having to be familiar with the ins and
> outs of its internals. Toward this end, I will present the TRAFFIC
> (Typed Representation and Analysis of network Flows For  
> Interoperability
> Checks) framework, a simple flow-composition and typing language with
> corresponding type system. Next, I will discuss and demonstrate the
> expressive power of a type space for TRAFFIC derived from the network
> calculus, which allows us to reason about and infer such properties as
> data arrival, transit, and loss rates in large composite network
> applications. The TRAFFIC compositional analysis framework will be put
> in action using a prototype implementation of a type checking and
> inference engine, which is available for demonstration purposes  
> using a
> web interface.
> Type:
> Let x={} in {Let
> y={} in {((x|| 
> y);
> NRG);(((x; PowerPoint; AdamSpin; IbrahimSpin) || y); AzerSpin)}}
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