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Richard West richwest at cs.bu.edu
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Anyone interested in an internship at IBM Zurich Labs?

See below...


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Subject: 6 month internship at IBM Research

Hello Rich, My group is looking for a strong PhD student for architecture
and performance evaluation work. I am attaching a PPT flyer and also
some text below.

-- raj

Interconnection Networks for Server, Storage and HPC Systems

Performance Evaluation - Internship at the IBM Research Laboratory,

The Server Interconnection Networks group
http://www.zurich.ibm.com/sys/servers/prizma.html has an opening in flow and
congestion control research. The candidate will be simulatng a variety of
architectures and protocols - like supercomputer- , server cluster- and
Storage Area Network interconnects. Our recent paper on "Solving Hot Spot
Contention Using InfiniBand Architecture Congestion Control"  at
http://www.cercs.gatech.edu/hpidc2005/program.htm exemplifies this type of
research - not limited to IBA.

We develop enhancements to network architectures, write and run simulation
models on Linux clusters and Windows PCs, patent and publish our findings.

The successful candidate is expected to contribute to this research, with an
emphasis on performance simulation and analysis. Skills required: C/C++ on
Linux/Windows, IP protocol stacks such as TCP, ECN, AQM. Experience with
simulations using Omnet++/Akaroa/Opnet is an advantage.

The work will be done at the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory.  The
employment period is six months or longer. Preferred starting date is early
2006. Students will be fully integrated into our small, dynamic team and
have the chance to participate to current research projects, patent and
publish. Our administration can assist in finding accommodations and living
in the Zurich region.

IBM’s Research in Europe is headquartered at the Zurich Research Laboratory,
which employs ca. 300 top scientists, post-/predocs and students from tens
of countries around the world. IBM ZRL is picturesquely situated just
outside of Zurich, Switzerland – in the core of Europe.

Qualifications: Master, Bachelor, Dipl. Eng.  or equivalent
Start: After 01.01.2006
Duration: 6 or more months

Send your application  (CV + 2 references) to

Mitch Gusat			IBM Research Laboratory
mig at zurich.ibm.com			Säumerstr. 4
Tel.: +41-1-724-8568			CH - 8803 Rüschlikon
Fax: +41-1-724-8578			Switzerland
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