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> Subject: [Nrg-l] NRG Resumes: 23 Jan 2006
> Hi All,
> We kick-off NRG for this semester on Monday, 23rd Jan with Chong  
> presenting
> "To peer or not to peer: Modeling the Evolution of Internet's AS- 
> Level Topology"
> by Hyunseok Chang, Sugih Jamin and Walter Willinger , to be  
> presented at Infocom 2006.
> Where: Grad Lounge, Research Lab
> When: 4 PM Monday 23rd Jan. 2006
> Hope to see you all there!
> Cheers!
> Vijay
> More information:
> Abstract:
> Internet connectivity at the AS level, defined in terms of pairwise  
> logical peering relationships, is constantly evolving.
> This evolution is largely a response to economic, political, and  
> technological changes that impact the
> way ASs conduct their business. We present a new framework for  
> modeling this evolutionary process
> by identifying a set of criteria that ASs consider either in  
> establishing a new peering relationship
> or in reassessing an existing relationship. The proposed framework  
> is intended to capture key elements
> in the decision processes underlying these relationships. We  
> propose models to capture the decision processes of customer
> ASs that are distinctly different from models for peer ASs. To  
> reflect the enormous heterogeneity among customer or peer ASs, our
> models are also flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of AS- 
> specific objectives. We demonstrate the potential
> of this new framework by considering different decision models in  
> various realistic "what if" experiment scenarios.
> We implement these decision models to generate and study the  
> evolution of the resulting AS graphs over time,
> and compare them against observed historical evolutionary features  
> of the Internet at the AS level.
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