[Nrg-l] NRG: Feb 13th 2006

Vijay Erramilli evijay at cs.bu.edu
Fri Feb 10 16:14:33 EST 2006

Hi All,

Karim will be presenting the following paper at the next NRG meeting.

"Algorithms for Assigning Substrate Network Resources to Virtual  
Network Components"
- Yong Zhu and Mostafa Ammar, the paper appeared at Infocom 2006

Time: 5 PM, Monday Feb 13th 2006 (NOTE the time change to 5 PM)
Place: Grad Lounge, Research Lab

The abstract follows.



> Paper Abstract:
> Recent proposals for network virtualization provide a promising way to
> overcome the Internet ossification. The key idea of network
> virtualization is to build a diversified Internet to support a variety
> of network services and architectures through a shared substrate. A
> major challenge in network virtualization is the assigning of
> substrate resources to virtual networks (VN) efficiently and
> on-demand. This paper focuses on two versions of the VN assignment
> problem: VN assignment without reconfiguration (VNA-I) and VN
> assignment with reconfiguration (VNAII).
> For the VNA-I problem, we develop a basic scheme as a building block
> for all other advanced algorithms. Subdividing heuristics and adaptive
> optimization strategies are then presented to further improve the
> performance. For the VNA-II problem, we develop a selective VN
> reconfiguration scheme that prioritizes the reconfiguration of the
> most critical VNs. Extensive simulation experiments demonstrate that
> the proposed algorithms can achieve good performance under a wide
> range of network conditions.

> Link to Paper:
> http://www-static.cc.gatech.edu/grads/z/Yong.Zhu/publications/ 
> infocom06.pdf

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