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Subject: Course announcement: Seminar on networks and dynamics (6.977)

6.977 Networks and Dynamics Seminar
2-0-4 Spring 2006

Instructors: Vincent Blondel and George Verghese

Seminar focused on networks of topical interest, and especially those with 
dynamical aspects. Application domains will depend on participant interest, 
and could include: synchronization of interconnected oscillators; search, 
data-mining, consensus, and games on networks; network epidemiology; 
biological networks. Study, presentation and discussion by students of 
themes and papers from the research literature, with occasional lectures by 
the instructors and invited speakers.

Invited speakers (non-exhaustive list):

László Barabási, University of Notre-Dame and Harvard University
Mark Newman, University of Michigan
Stephen Eubank, Virginia Tech and Santa Fe Institute
Devavrat Shah, MIT
Yannis Ioannides, Tufts University
Daniela Rus (to be confirmed), MIT
Jeremy Gunawardena, Harvard University

Expected work-load:
A presentation on one of the seminar topic.

Mathematical maturity at the level of core Area I subjects

First meeting:
Thursday, February 9, 4-5:30 pm, Room: 34-301

More details are available from the web-site:

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