[Nrg-l] NRG: Informal Discussion:6th Feb 2006

Vijay Erramilli evijay at cs.bu.edu
Fri Feb 3 18:52:49 EST 2006

Hi All,

Due to the lack of volunteers, we have decided to have an informal  
on the following paper:

"Secure Distributed Data Mining and its Applications in Large Scale  
Network Measurements"
- Matt Roughan, Yin Zhang

The paper appears in the latest CCR, and covers topics at the  
interface of network
  measurements, databases and cryptography.

Time: 5:00 pm, Monday Feb 6 2006 (Note NEW Time)
Place: Grad Lounge, CS Research Lab

Since there will be no presentation, please do skim thru the paper.



Abstract: The rapid growth of the Internet over the last decade has  
been startling. However, efforts to track its growth
have often fallen afoul of bad data - for instance, how much traffic  
does the Internet now carry?
The problem is not that the data is technically hard to obtain, or  
that it does not exist, but rather that the
data is not shared. Obtaining an overall picture requires data from  
multiple sources, few of whom are open
to sharing such data, either because it violates privacy legislation,  
or exposes business secrets.
Likewise, detection of global Internet health problems is hampered by  
a lack of data sharing. The
approaches used so far in the Internet, e.g. trusted third parties,  
or data anonymization, have been only
partially successful, and are not widely adopted. The paper presents  
a method for performing
computations on shared data without any participants revealing their  
secret data.
For example, one can compute the sum of traffic over a set of service  
providers without any service provider
learning the traffic of another. The method is simple, scalable, and  
flexible enough to perform a
wide range of valuable operations on Internet data.


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