[Nrg-l] PhD Oral Area Exam of Hany Morcos -- Thu 12/14 @ 3:30pm

Azer Bestavros best at cs.bu.edu
Wed Dec 13 09:14:18 EST 2006

Computer Science Department
Boston University

PhD Candidate: Hany Morcos
Date:  Thursday, December 14
Time:  3:30pm
Place: Room MCS 135, 111 Cummington Street 
       (for directions, see www.cs.bu.edu/colloquium)

Title: Data Placement and Retrieval Techniques in Sensor Networks


Some of the most important applications in sensor networks rely on
distributed data storage and retrieval.  Sensor-network-dependent
applications vary widely in their settings, constraints and
requirements, which dictates similar variances in the proposed solutions
for data storage and retrieval. In this talk, I will start by
classifying the protocols and the applications they support based on a
number of questions. Specifically, (1) Does the protocol depend on
in-network processing? (2) Does the application have long-running
periodic queries? (3) Is the application delay-tolerant? (4) Is the
supporting network infrastructure-dependant? (5) Does the solution store
collected data locally or remotely? Next, I will present some of the
salient features of a select number of these protocol classes. I will
close by pointing out the open questions and future research directions
to pursue in data placement and retrieval techniques in sensor networks.

Examination Committee: 

Azer Bestavros
Ibrahim Matta
John Byers
Mark Crovella

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