[Nrg-l] Talk@April 3 2006

Vijay Erramilli evijay at cs.bu.edu
Sat Apr 1 20:40:53 EST 2006

Hi All,

After innumerable death threats Vijay (aka yours truly) will be giving a
talk on two papers,

"CarNet: A Scalable Ad Hoc Wireless Network System" by
Robert Morris, John Jannotti, Frans Kaashoek, Jinyang Li, Douglas  


"Measurements of In-Motion 802.11 Networking" by
Richard Gass, James Scott and Christophe Diot.

When: 5:00PM, 3rd April, Monday, 2006
Where: Grad.  Lounge, Research Lab

Both papers deal with the exciting new area of vehicle-to-vehicle  
and hope all of you can make it.
The abstracts follow,



"CarNet: A Scalable Ad Hoc Wireless Network System
CarNet is an application for a large ad hoc mobile network system  
that scales well without requiring a fixed network
infrastructure to route messages. CarNet places radio nodes in cars,  
which communicate using Grid, a novel
scalable routing system. Grid uses geographic forwarding and a  
scalable distributed location service to route
packets from car to car without flooding the network. CarNet will  
support IP connectivity as well as applications
  such as cooperative highway congestion monitoring, fleet tracking,  
and discovery of nearby points of interest.

"Measurements of In-Motion 802.11 Networking"
Wireless networking can support in-motion users
by providing occasional opportunities to transmit and receive
data. We measure the performance of UDP and TCP transfers
between a car traveling at speeds from 5 mph to 75 mph, and an
802.11b access point. We analyze the impact of bandwidth and
delay limitations in the backhaul network on the feasibility of
in-motion transfer with typical Internet applications. We observe
that in interference-free environments, a significant amount of
data can be transferred using off-the-shelf equipment. We find
that performance suffers mostly from network or application
related problems instead of wireless link issues, i.e., protocols with
handshakes, bandwidth limitations, and long round-trip times.

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