[Nrg-l] NRG: Thurs Dec 1 2005

Vijay Erramilli evijay at cs.bu.edu
Wed Nov 30 10:51:58 EST 2005

Hi All,

After a short hiatus, NRG will resume again tomorrow, with George  
Zervas presenting the following paper
which appeared in ICNP this year.

"Path Vector Face Routing: Geographic Routing with Local Face  
Ben Leong, Sayan Mitra, and Barbara Liskov
MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

When: 11-12 Thursday Dec 1, 2005 - Tomorrow!
Where: Grad Lounge, Research Lab

Hope to see you all there,

Abstract - Existing geographic routing algorithms depend on the
planarization of the network connectivity graph for correctness, and the
planarization process gives rise to a well-defined notion of faces. In
this paper, we demonstrate that we can improve routing performance by
storing a small amount of local face information at each node. We  
a protocol, Path Vector Exchange Protocol (PVEX), that maintains local
face information at each node efficiently, and a new geographic routing
algorithm, Greedy Path Vector Face Routing (GPVFR), that achieves better
routing performance in terms of both path stretch and hop stretch than
existing geographic routing algorithms by exploiting available local  
information. Our simulations demonstrate that GPVFR/PVEX achieves
significantly reduced path and hop stretch than Greedy Perimeter  
Routing (GPSR) and somewhat better performance than Greedy Other  
Face Routing (GOAFR+) over a wide range of network topologies. The  
cost of
this improved performance is a small amount of additional storage,  
and the
bandwidth required for our algorithm is comparable to GPSR and GOAFR+ in
quasi-static networks.


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