[Nrg-l] FW: Renesys looking for developers

Mark Crovella crovella at cs.bu.edu
Mon May 30 18:11:10 EDT 2005

This message is from Jim Cowie, who is a founder at Renesys.  Renesys is a
small company doing very interesting Internet measurement and data analysis.
It looks like a great opportunity for the right person.  I'd be happy to
answer any questions about them.


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Renesys is opening a second office in Manchester (the first one up in
Hanover has nine employees plus consultants in it, which is fun but a
serious hike for anyone not already associated with Dartmouth). The
developer positions are all in Manchester (a little over one hour's drive
from Boston, less from Cambridge and points northwest) but can easily
include part-time telecommuting as well.

I'm looking for three kinds of people, basically:  

  1. Insanely good datamining types.  You know, give 'em a   
     terabyte of unstructured network event data and they'll
     throw together two perl scripts and extract unexpected  
     patterns from it.  Then turn around and recode it into  
     an online analyzer that can run unattended for months 
     in the backroom, digging for gold.   

  2. Natural UI guys.  Mostly Ajax/Javascript+DHTML but also  
     some flash when it matters.  The kind of developer who  
     can take the dataminers' APIs and tell a story with it,    
     make it sing, create functional art that's really useful 
     to the NOC staff or network engineers inside a big NSP.

  3. Software team leaders.  Anyone (ideally but not necessarily 
     from categories 1 or 2) who also has the knack for small  
     team management and the pragmatism and patience to make 
     commercial strength product out of dreamers' toys. 
We have enough funding at this point (and revenue! hurray) that if I could
find a complete team in the area that already worked well together, I'd take
em in a heartbeat. 


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