[Nrg-l] FW: Geographic location of an Internet host - project test - please contribute!

Mark Crovella crovella at cs.bu.edu
Tue May 3 09:22:52 EDT 2005

Please give this method a try - it will be very helpful to us!


From: Serge Fdida [mailto:serge.fdida at lip6.fr] 
Sent: Tuesday, May 03, 2005 2:44 AM
To: Serge.Fdida at lip6.fr; Bamba Gueye; Mark Crovella
Subject: Geographic location of an Internet host - project test - please

Dear colleague,

We are developping the GeoLIM project
<http://planetlab-01.ipv6.lip6.fr:10000/cbg.php> )  that aims at
providing the geographic location of an Internet host using solely its
IP address. The key element of GeoLIM is its ability to  transform delay
measurements between landmarks (probe machines) and a target host, into
geographic distance constraints. It uses multilateration - alike  GPS -
to estimate the geographic location of the target host. 

We're seeking your help, looking for various types  of network access,
as for instance,  with the same IP adress, estimate your location when
you access the internet through a low or high-speed line (telephone or
DSL/LAN). We ask you to test the geolocation solution through the web
page. This will take you no more than 3 minutes!

We're also looking for more Landmark nodes (nodes used to provide the
coordinates of the system, therefore, we need to be able to ping a host
whose location is known). We'll be glad if you could provide us with
such a host.

Do not hesitate to distribute this mail to colleagues interested.

The test is carried out on Planetlab (http://www.planet-lab.org/
<http://www.planet-lab.org/> ). 

We thank you for your contribution. More details about our algorithm can
be found at (http://rp.lip6.fr/~gueye/articles/imc.pdf
<http://rp.lip6.fr/%7Egueye/articles/imc.pdf> )

Contact : bamba.gueye at lip6.fr

Serge Fdida                                 

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