[Nrg-l] Talk on Friday@2pm by Dorgival Guedes (UFMG)

Nahur Fonseca nahur at cs.bu.edu
Mon Jun 20 15:19:03 EDT 2005

Dear all,

This Friday @ 2pm in MCS 135, Dorgival Guedes from UFMG, 
Belo Horizonte/Brazil, will talk about his most recent project 
called Tamandua (http://tamandua.speed.dcc.ufmg.br/?newlang=eng).

I'll send the abstract later.
Here are some of the extracts from the Web page:

"The Tamandua system is a platform of data mining services that 
aim at supporting public administrations, specially in what 
concerns to purchasing and contracting activities."

"Generally, data mining algorithms are computationally intensive and
often have an exponential complexity; a problem that is usually worsened
by the enormous amount of data that has to be handled. The project
herein presented aims at minimizing local computational demands and
possible losses due to idle machinery, by developing highly scalable
parallel versions of the algorithms."

"The Tamandua system has been validated on the database of purchasing
records of some of the Brazilian Governmental Agencies and it counts on
the partnership of the Office of Logistic and Technology from the
Brazilian Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management."

See you there.

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