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Just a reminder that Alia Atlas will be giving a talk at 4 pm this 
Monday. As usual the NRG will be at the graduate lounge. 
If people are interested in having a short meeting with her, before the 
talk please let me know. 

Also let me remind that we need volonteers to present to the NRG so if you 
are interested don't be shy, just send me an email:-)


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We will resume our NRG meetings this spring with a talk by Alia Atlas
(see below). Alia is not a stranger to our group as she got her PhD in
1999 (working on statistical real-time scheduling among other things).
Alia is one of the leading technical principals at Avici Systems, which
she joined at its formative stages from BBN.


Title: IP Fast-Reroute: An Analysis of Applicability to a Core Network 

Speaker: Alia Atlas (Avici Systems) 


IP Fast-Reroute can provide resilience in the event of a failure by
quickly (<50ms) rerouting traffic to pre-computed alternates. The basic
mechanism of loop-free alternates is described; candidate advanced
methods are also discussed. The related problem of avoiding
micro-forwarding loops during network convergence is described. Two
mechanisms for micro-forwarding loop prevention - path locking via safe
neighbors and Ordered FIB installation - are presented. 

The applicability of IP Fast-Reroute as applied to a particular core
network is analyzed. This analysis considers loop-free alternates and
U-turn alternates. The analysis examines both the effectiveness of the
techniques on the various network topologies and the capacity planning
implications of using IP Fast-Reroute. 

Joint Work with Gagan Choudhury (AT&T) 

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