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This will be a good course!


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Subject: Statistics and Networks Course


Apologies for the mass-sending on this email.  This is just a (one-time!)
notice regarding a course I'll be teaching this fall, on statistics and
networks.  Course is aimed at graduate students in quantitative areas
involving modeling and analysis of networks and network data, including
bioinformatics, computer science, engineering, math/stat, physics, etc.

A summary of relevant info is below.  More can be found in the syllabus at
http://math.bu.edu/people/kolaczyk/ma881.html .

Please pass on to interested students and colleagues.  Thanks!



COURSE: CAS MA 881 -- Statistics for the Network Sciences
TIME: Mondays, 3-6pm
LOCATION: GCB 208 (above the Guitar Center, at 750 Comm Ave)


1. A First Look at Network Graphs
    -- Background on graphs; examples of comm-, bio-, and social-nets.
2. Descriptive Analysis of Network Graphs
    -- Visualization; quantitative summaries (e.g., size, degree,
      assortativity, centrality, mutuality, others) 3. Probabilistic Models
for Network Graphs
    -- Graph ensembles; Erdos-Renyi; Small-worlds; Heavy-Tails; copying;
4. Implications of Network Structure
    -- Hubs and authorities; vulnerability; communities; epidemics.
5. Inference of Network Graph Structure
    -- Exponential models (classical, max-ent); Gibbs models; graphical
6. Testing for Topological Motifs
    -- Parametric tests; enumerative and sampling-based methods.
7. Impact of Sampling on Network Graph Inference
    -- Error & bias; heavy-tailed or not; species problems.
8. Analysis of Network Indexed Data
    -- Descriptive analysis; dimensionality reduction; regression
       and classification (e.g., kernel methods, MRFs, graphical
9. Network Tomography and Related Topics
    -- Traffic matrix estimation; network kriging; etc.
10. Analysis of dynamic networks.

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