[Nrg-l] Last(and almost first:-)) NRG for this semester

Niky Riga inki at cs.bu.edu
Thu Apr 28 19:02:38 EDT 2005

this Monday (May 2nd) Nikos is going to present his work on Distributed
Selfish Replication, abstract follows. NRG will take place at 4:00pm at
the graduate lounge. 

See you all there,

A commonly employed abstraction for studying the object placement
problem for the purpose of Internet content distribution is that
of a distributed replication group. In this talkI will show how to extend
the initial model
of distributed replication group of Leff, Wolf, and Yu~(IEEE TPDS
'93) to capture the case that individual nodes act selfishly,
i.e., cater to the optimization of their individual local
utilities. Towards this direction, we propose the use of equilibrium
object placement strategies that: (a) can guarantee improved local
utilities for all nodes concurrently as compared to the
corresponding local utilities under greedy local object placement;
(b) do not suffer from potential mistreatment problems, inherent
to centralized strategies that aim at optimizing the social
utility; (c) do not require the existence of complete information
at all nodes. We develop a baseline computationally efficient
algorithm for obtaining the aforementioned equilibrium strategies
and then extend it to improve its performance with respect to
fairness. Both algorithms are realizable in practice through a
distributed protocol that requires only limited exchange of

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