[Nrg-l] [TODAY] Re: NRG on Monday 09/20/04 at 4:00pm

Niky Riga inki at cs.bu.edu
Mon Sep 20 14:27:58 EDT 2004

Due to the colloquium at 3:00, NRG may start 5-10 minutes later.
The NRG will be at MCS 135.


Niky Riga wrote:

> Hi,
> This Monday we are going to resume our NRG meetings.
> Nahur and I are going to present work that has been done on
> simulating worms. Our talk is going to be mostly based on the following
> papers :
> "Experiences with worm propagation Simulations" by A. Wagner et al.
> (http://dslab.csie.ncu.edu.tw/93html/paper/pdf/Network%20interactions%20Experiences%20with%20worm%20propagation%20simulations.pdf) 
> "Simulating Realistic Network Worm Traffic for  Worm Warning
>  System design and testing" by M. Liljenstam et al.
> (http://www.ssfnet.org/Papers/p022-liljenstam.pdf)
> "A Mixed Abstraction Level Simulation Model of Large Internet
> Worm Infestations" by M. Liljenstam et al.
> (http://www.crhc.uiuc.edu/~nicol//papers-cv/mascots2002.pdf)
> "Internet Quarantine: Requirements for Containing Self-Propagating
> Code". by D. Moore et al.
> (http://www.caida.org/outreach/papers/2003/quarantine/worm-infocom03.pdf)
> The talk abstract is below.
> Niky
> Internet worms are an emerging threat to Internet hosts and 
> infrastructure. It is important thus, to study and understand
> their behaviour in order to be able to build efficient systems
> that can detect them and stop their propagation.
> The main problem in studying the behaviour of internet worms
> is that real world experiments can not be performed. Researchers
> can not create and release a worm on the Internet just to take
> measurements.
> In this talk we explore how we can build realistic
> simulators for worms. Worms usually affect the whole Internet.
> Building a system to capture the Internet's behavior is
> a challenging problem by itself. We  investigate
> what simplifications and assumptions are reasonable
> while simulating worm behavior and how to validate the
> correctness of the model.

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