[Nrg-l] This week's NRG

Niky Riga inki at cs.bu.edu
Mon Oct 25 19:15:49 EDT 2004

Due to IMC, the SIGMETRICS deadline and the midterms, the initial 
thought was to cancel the NRG for this week. However after the gaming 
experience of last Friday some of us wanted to know more about research 
on Network games. So I propose this week in the NRG meeting to have a 
discussion about the paper that won the Best Paper Award in this year's 
NetGames Sigcomm workshop. The paper proposes a way to realize the 
bullet time effect(yes the effect introduced in Matrix:-)) in network 
games, using local perception filters. This will be more like an 
informal discussion of the paper(no powerpoint) so it would be helpful 
for everyone to skim through the paper before we meet. I claim no 
expertise in the area so don't expect me to be able to answer all the 
questions:-). The title and the abstract of the talk follow.



Realizing Bullet Time Effect in Multiplayer Games with Local Perception 

In computer games the bullet time effect allows the player to slow down 
  the surrounding game world thus enabling the player to have more time 
to make decisions. In single player games this is implemented by slowing 
down the environment of the player. In multiplayer games the 
implementation is challenging since if one player could slow down the 
time of its surroundings it would be awkward for the other players 
within the influence area because it will hinder the game play of other 
human players.
The method proposed by the authors is based on the idea of local 
perception filters. Local perception filters are a method used to hide 
communication delays in networked virtual environments. To achieve that 
the entities are placed in a slightly out-of-date location based on the 
communication delays. The idea is to make these temporal distortions of 
the game world as unoticeable as possible.

PS: Because I am not very familiar with graphics terminology, I didn't 
know exactly what "render" meant. Since it is a term widely used in the 
paper I will provide my understanding of the definition for other people 
like me:-)
render: The process of producing a 2d image of a 3d world by taking 
into  	account the placement of lights, the camera placement and the 		 
position of 3d objects.


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return will.

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