[REMINDER] [Nrg-l] Next: An Algebraic Approach to Overlay Network Monitoring

Niky Riga inki at cs.bu.edu
Mon Oct 18 14:00:59 EDT 2004

Today at 3:00pm at the grad lounge.


> Dear,
> Next NRG, Liying Tang will lead the discussion of the following paper:
> "An Algebraic Approach to Practical and Scalable Overlay Network
> Monitoring" by Yan Chen (Northewestern Univ.) and David Bindel,
> Hanhee Song, Randy Katz (UC Berkeley).
> The meeting will be held at the Graduate Student Lounge,
> next Monday Oct, 18th, at 3 PM, in a tentative to avoid 
> conflict with the CS655 seminar which is at 4 PM.
> More details in the nrg web site.
> The paper can be found in the following link:
> http://www.acm.org/sigs/sigcomm/sigcomm2004/papers/p545-chen11.pdf
> And here is the paper's abstract: 
> Overlay network monitoring enables distributed Internet applications to
> detect and recover from path outages and periods of degraded performance
> within seconds. 
> For an overlay network with n end hosts, existing systems either require
> O(n^2) measurements, and thus lack scalability, or can only estimate the
> latency but not congestion or failures. 
> Our earlier extended abstract briefly proposes an algebraic approach that
> selectively monitors k linearly independent paths that can fully describe
> all the O(n^2) paths. 
> The loss rates and latency of these k paths can be used to estimate the
> loss rates and latency of all other paths. Our scheme only assumes
> knowledge of the underlying IP topology, with links dynamically varying
> between lossy and normal.
> In this paper, we improve, implement and extensively evaluate such a
> monitoring system.  
> We further make the following contributions: i) scalability analysis 
> indicating that for reasonably large n (e.g., 100), the growth of k is
> bounded as O(n log n), ii) efficient adaptation algorithms for topology
> changes, such as the addition or removal of end hosts and routing changes,
> iii) measurement load balancing schemes, and iv) topology measurement
> error handling.  
> Both simulation and Internet experiments demonstrate we obtain highly
> accurate path loss rate estimation while adapting to topology changes
> within seconds and handling topology errors.
> Regards,
> -nahur
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