[Nrg-l] NRG on 12/06/04

Niky Riga inki at cs.bu.edu
Tue Nov 30 16:21:40 EST 2004

Dear all,

We are happy to announce that Pedro M. Ruiz will
present part of his work on wireless Ad-hoc networks at next week's NRG. 
His talk will take place next Monday, December 6th at 4:00 pm at the
graduate lounge.
The title and abstract of the talk along with a short bio of Dr. Ruiz


Title: Mobility-Aware Mesh Construction Algorithm for Low Data-Overhead
Multicast Ad hoc Routing
We study the problem of controlling data overhead of mesh-based multicast
ad hoc routing protocols by adaptively adding redundancy to the minimal
data overhead multicast mesh as required by the network conditions. We
show that the computation of the minimal data overhead multicast mesh is
NP-complete, and we propose a heuristic approximation algorithm inspired
on epidemic algorithms. In addition, we propose a mobility-aware and
adaptive mesh construction algorithm based on a probabilistic path
selection being able to adapt the reliability of the multicast mesh to
the mobility of the network. Our simulation results show that the
proposed approach, when implemented into ODMRP, is able to offer similar
performance results and a lower average latency while reducing data
overhead between 25 to 50% compared to the original ODMRP.
Pedro M. Ruiz received his B.Sc, M.Sc. and Ph.D degrees from the
University of Murcia, Spain. He works as Research Staff at the Department
of Information and Communication Engineering (DIIC) at the University of
Murcia (UMU), supported by a "Ramon & Cajal" position. Prior to joining
UMU in december 2003, he has worked as R&D Manager at Agora Systems S.A.
He also coordinated several research activities at RedIRIS, the Spanish
National Research Network, and he worked as a part-time assistant
professor at the Univ. Carlos III of Madrid. During these years, he has
acted as "Principal Researcher" in several research projects mainly
funded by the European Union, Spanish government and private companies.

Dr. Ruiz is in the editorial board for the "International Journal on
Parallel, Emergent, and Distributed Systems" and he is participating in
the Technical Comitee of serveral conferences. In addition, he has served
as a reviewer for major IEEE journals and conferences. In fall 2003 he
was awarded a Ramon y Cajal position by the Spanish Ministry of Science
and Technology. His main research interests include mobile and ad hoc
wireless networks, adaptive multimedia systems, future mobile and
wireless networks and distributed applications and services. He is a
member of the IEEE Communications Society.
Presently, he is enjoying a post-doctoral visiting fellowship at the
networking group of the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI)
in Berkeley. During this fellowship his work is mostly focused on the
integration of mobile ad hoc networks with IP-based access networks and
the enhancement of multicast ad hoc routing protocols.
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