[Nrg-l] NRG Today @ 4:00 in the Graduate Lounge

Mina Guirguis msg at cs.bu.edu
Mon Nov 22 11:51:42 EST 2004

Hello Everyone,

Today, I will presenting some recent work on "Defending against Low-Rate
TCP Attacks" that appeared in ICNP'04 and ISCC'04.

The papers are:

Defending Against Low-rate TCP Attacks: Dynamic Detection and Protection 
Sun, Lui and Yau (ICNP'04) 

Defense against Low-rate TCP-targeted Denial-of-Service Attacks
Yang, Gerla and Sanadidi (ISCC'04)

Also the Shrew paper:

Low-Rate TCP .Targeted Denial of Service Attacks
Kuzmanovic and Knightly (SIGCOMM.03)

Please find the talk abstract below.

Hope to see you there,


Talk Abstract

This talk is divided into three uneven parts, the first part (4
slides) will briefly go through some background related to TCP timeout
mechanism and Shrew attacks. Then we will explore two different defense
mechanisms in the remaining two parts. The second part will be based on an
"end-to-end" approach for defense through randomizing retransmission
timeout values. I will present a simple model and some results. The final
part will be based on an "in network detection and protection". Detection
is achieved through Dynamic Time Wrapping (DTW) algorithm to check for
similarity between extracted features of sampled traffic and low-rate
attack signature. Protection is achieved through a Deficit Round Robin
(DRR) scheduler.

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