[macs-faculty] MACS action items

Mayank Varia varia at bu.edu
Fri May 26 07:47:23 EDT 2017

Hi everyone,

In this email, I will recap the discussion in last Friday's PI meeting and
state the items for all of you to complete going forward.

*Short term (~weeks)*
There are two items that I request you complete soon.

   1. Set a date for our next meeting: use this Doodle poll link
   <http://doodle.com/poll/ayh9imk25v7tkvd2> to mark your availability.
   Remember that Nina plans to attend this meeting, so we should all attend as
   2. Compile an annual report: I attach to this email the information I
   need from each of you about your research over the past year. Due to NSF's
   early requirement for submitting reports this year, please return the forms
   to me by *Friday, June 9*.

*Medium term (~months)*
Please let me know about topics that you think might appeal to a decent
subset (but not necessarily all) of the MACS PIs. I would like to run 2-3
workshops over the next year on focused topics, akin to the ORAM workshop
from two years ago. Perhaps these workshops may even lead to follow-on
combined grant proposals from selected PIs.

*Long term (~year)*
Please email me if you find a grant opportunity to continue our
collaboration beyond the end of MACS. Although our previous submission to
JUMP failed, I think we identified both a theme (co-design) and a group
(us + more PL/formal methods experts) worth keeping together.

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