[macs-faculty] MACS Project Meeting

Mayank Varia varia at bu.edu
Fri Mar 10 11:51:08 EST 2017

Hi everyone,

Please indicate your availability for the next MACS project meeting on this
Doodle poll <http://doodle.com/poll/494bcrb32mtzbq6n>, if you have not yet
done so. I'll finalize the date early next week.

Also, let me know if you wish to have your students/postdocs give a talk at
the meeting.


On Sat, Feb 25, 2017 at 7:24 PM Mayank Varia <varia at bu.edu> wrote:

Hi everyone,

Let's catch up on the wide array of activities since the site visit by
having another project meeting. Two requests here.

First, fill out this Doodle poll <http://doodle.com/poll/494bcrb32mtzbq6n>
to indicate which days you're free for a meeting during the spring
semester. (I started with Fridays for now. If they don't work, I'll try
another day of the week.)

Second, email me if you have a topic that you want your students to present
at the project meeting. Anything is fair game; of particular interest
though are (1) talks by departing postdocs and (2) work that addresses the
concerns expressed in the site visit report, which I summarize below.

   - Realize our "mix and match" vision with UC by showing alternative
   realizations for components that can be substituted with each other
   securely and that have different functionality/performance tradeoffs.
   - Integrate the theoretical and systems-focused research.
   - Leverage the unique opportunities provided by our collaboration with
   the MOC.
   - Technology transfer: go beyond the software prototyping stage and
   produce something used by industry/the world.
   - Replace indistinguishability obfuscation (iO) with less heavyweight
   tools, possibly by considering stronger trust models and assumptions.

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