[macs-faculty] New England Systems Verification Day

Nickolai Zeldovich nickolai at csail.mit.edu
Mon Jun 26 16:56:25 EDT 2017

Hi all,

We are planning to organize a one-day workshop focusing on recent
progress in applying formal verification to hardware and software systems.
The workshop will consist of talks about recent and ongoing projects in
verifying systems, and discussions of approaches, important challenges,
and directions for future work.  Tentatively, the topics include:

- Verification of cryptographic libraries.
- Verification of SGX and other secure hardware.
- Verification of OS kernels and subsystems.
- Verification of distributed systems.
- Verification of concurrent systems software.
- Verification of compilers.
- Verification using Coq, Z3, and other tools.

Although verification isn't a direct focus of the MACS project, one
reason we're inviting all of the MACS PIs is that formal verification
might be an interesting direction for future research after the MACS
project formally ends.

The tentative plan is to hold the workshop at MIT on Friday, September
22nd.  Would you be interested in participating and would this date work?


Nickolai, Frans, and Adam.

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