[macs-faculty] New England Systems Verification Day

Nickolai Zeldovich nickolai at csail.mit.edu
Wed Jul 19 23:07:57 EDT 2017

A few updates on this workshop (and two things we'd like from you, at
the very bottom of the email):

- We re-scheduled the workshop to Friday, October 6th.  The original date
  conflicted with Rosh Hashanah for a number of people.  We hope this date
  works better.

- We will have an optional half-day plus dinner on Thursday afternoon
  (October 5th, 1:30pm onwards), due to the sizable number of proposed
  talks.  We plan to use Thursday to go in-depth on additional topics
  that day; specifics TBD based on who can make it on Thursday.

The plan for the workshop is to have three types of talks:

- Long talks focusing on larger verification projects, showing and
  discussing concrete code, specs, and proofs.  Probably 45 minutes
  to an hour each.  We think that likely long talks for Friday are:

  + Push-button verification (Xi Wang, Helgi Sigurbjarnarson, et al)
  + MSR work on IronFleet / Everest? (Chris Hawblitzel, Jay Lorch, et al)
  + Generating verified elliptic curve implementations (Andres Erbsen et al)
  + CertiKOS (Zhong Shao, Ronghui Gu, et al)

- Medium-length talks, 15-20 minutes each.

- Lightning talks (e.g., work-in-progress), 5 minutes each.

Please let us know:

- Are you planning to attend on the new Friday October 6th date, and are
  you interested in attending the optional Thursday October 5th afternoon?

- If you want to give a talk, please tell us what topic (even if roughly)
  you want to talk about, and we will try to accommodate.

Thanks again, and hope to see you at this workshop.

Adam, Frans, and Nickolai.

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