[macs-faculty] Supplemental funding for tech transition

Mayank Varia varia at bu.edu
Sun Jul 9 21:42:39 EDT 2017

Hi everyone,

Quick reminder of something that was mentioned during our site visit:
Frontier projects can request supplemental funding to support tech

In essence: if you have money from industry to support MACS-related work,
NSF will kick in an extra 33%. There are two caveats: we can only submit
two such requests MACS-wide, and they'll only approve up to $1.5m in this

If you have (or will obtain) industry funding and think that it is worth
putting together a request to NSF for this special type of supplement, let
Ran and I know. We'll then coordinate with everyone before making official


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Dear Mike, David, Ran, Amit,

I would like to point you to this opportunity for additional funding to
facilitate the transition of the innovations to support from industrial
sponsors along with the potential to develop new technologies.


This is available to teams in the 4th or 5th year of a frontier project.

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