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Mayank Varia varia at bu.edu
Fri Sep 30 11:25:39 EDT 2016

Hi everyone,

In addition to Ran's request for info about the future directions
(reproduced below for completeness), let me make a few requests of my own
regarding the site visit presentations:

1. Please make sure that the time listed on the google doc (link
is adequate for your talk. If you need more time, send me an email before
Monday at noon so I can adjust the schedule accordingly. We will need to
keep the day moving along, so I reserve the right to cut you off during the
site visit if you go over your time.

2. Please finalize your talks by the end of the day on Tuesday 10/4 at the
latest. I want to merge them all into a single presentation on Wed 10/5.

3. In order to show connections to the works of various other
faculty/students, I have added a new file called
template-pictures-and-icons.pptx to the Dropbox folder. It contains
pictures of all MACS faculty and two icons. Place the pictures on the
top-right corner of any slide in which you discuss work performed by
others. Also, if you're going to make a connection to somebody else's
talk/poster, please use the icons to visually indicate the connection.

4. Please upload some version of your talk by the end of the day today
(Friday), even if it is still in the works. Ran and I plan to finalize the
common architecture slide over the weekend, and I would like to be able to
substitute an updated version into all of your talks too. (I'll send you an
email over the weekend before I modify your files, so as to avoid merge


On Thu, Sep 29, 2016 at 11:16 PM Ran Canetti <canetti at tau.ac.il> wrote:

> I'm asking for input re what to say in the future directions talk.
> Two obvious things to say are that:
> 1. we plan to continue working on things that we said we would do and
> didnt yet get to doing, such as various UC analyses:
> - of openstack
> - of the fucntionality/security of the HIL service
> - of the functionality/security  provided by Ascend, by Sanctum, by SGX.
> - of the functionality/security of a number of Ebbs
> - of encrypted/searchable DB systems, along with quantified leakage (eg
> in the language of differential privacy)
> - of  Proactive defense and MTD
> - of Network time protocols
> 2. that we plan to do overall composable analysis of applications using
> the above services and infrastructure components
> These are things that we said we would do, and we can certainly commit
> to doing (or at least trying).  And these will hopefully make the panel
> happy.
> Question is what else? any other pieces of vision or direction that
> would be good to say? globally or on specific aspects of the project?
> any agenda that we want to put forth?  This could be a nice opportunity...
> thx,
> Ran
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