[macs-faculty] another dry run tue oct 4?

Ran Canetti canetti at tau.ac.il
Wed Sep 28 21:53:49 EDT 2016

Dear Gang:

The dry run last friday was extremely useful and productive. But we were 
no where near something that looks like a polished coordinated set of 
presentations.  So how about another dry run, this coming tue early 

I know, it;s second day of jewish new year... but I fear that wed will 
be too late... and some cannot do wed...
  so let's try to get a quorum for tue, say 9am? We have the Hariri room 
reserved.  Can then do wed morning too for those who cannot make it on 
tue or want another practice...

Re whether postdocs should attend the sessions other than lunch: Nina 
left it open. We think we can release the postdocs from this duty, 
unless they want to, in which case they are welcome to. (The students 
definitely should only come to the lunch.) any objections?

Ran and Mayank

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