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Mayank Varia varia at bu.edu
Tue Sep 27 07:18:16 EDT 2016

Hi everybody,

Thanks for agreeing to present a poster at the MACS site visit next week! A
few logistics for you all.

   1. I'm attaching a poster template to this email. It would be nice if
   all of our posters have the same look to the header material. Feel free to
   put anything you want in the body of the poster though, and you may alter
   the template there any way you want (e.g., if you prefer a 3-pane setup
   2. We will have easels, pushpins, etc set up. So, don't worry about any
   of that.
   3. Your poster should be 3 feet wide by 2 feet tall. (We're not sure if
   anything bigger will fit on our easels, so just playing it safe.)
   4. If you prepare a poster before 4pm on Friday 9/30 and email it to
   Susan and me, we will have it printed at Kinkos and we will bring it to the
   event ourselves. Otherwise, you will have to print it and bring it
   yourself. (Save your receipts; I'll do my best to get everyone reimbursed.)
   5. The poster session itself is 12pm to 1:30pm on Thursday, October 6
   (you may want to come a few minutes early to set up, and you can take a few
   minutes afterward to take down your poster). It is at the Castle at BU,
   located at 225 Bay State Road (not far from the BU East stop on the green
   line). Lunch is provided!
   6. Here is a list of external panelists who will be viewing your posters
   and also asking you questions in general about your experiences on MACS:
   Patrick Schaumont (Virginia Tech), Aditya Akella (U. Wisconsin), Brian
   LaMacchia (MSR), Dave Evans (UVA), Carl Gunter (UIUC), Robert van Renesse
   (Cornell), and Chris Peikert (U. Michigan). If you know any of these people
   and think that they will ask a particular question, feel free to
   personalize your poster toward them accordingly.

Thanks once again for all your help! Feel free to email me with any

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