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Ran Canetti canetti at tau.ac.il
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Dear fellow culprits:

Nina shared with us the makeup of the panel, see below. Quite impressive I must say... note that on the NSF side there is also Ken Calvert, which is Nina's boss at NSF (head of the "systems" part of CISE).

(Just to make sure: Nina asked that we do NOT CONTACT any of the panelists regarding this visit.)

Perhaps equally importantly: Apparently the panel had an initial meeting, and Nina summarized some specific requests that the panel made. See below. (We kinda knew all of them but good that they stress. Will send out later tonight the arch slide that I've been working on.


Panel membership:

Calvert, Kenneth L.
Hodges, Timothy
Nikolich, Anita
Amla, Nina


Patrick Schaumont 	Virginia Tech 	
Aditya Akella 	U. Wisconsin 	
Brian LaMacchia 	MSR 	
Dave Evans 	UVA 	
Carl Gunter 	UIUC 	
Robert van Renesse 	Cornell 	
Chris Peikert 	U. Michigan 	

directives from panel:

  1. The collaboration and leadership presentation should have a (1) list of publications that include authors from than one university on the grant, (2) list of publications that include authors across topic areas (such as authors in both theory and systems/networks), and (3) graphic to illustrate collaborations on the project so far.
2. An explicit discussion on the TTP milestones should be a part of outreach presentation.
3. The overview should outline what was proposed, and what has been achieved thus far. The overview should include a single logical/architectural framework as proposed in the feedback from the 1st year site visit. Please use this architectural framework to guide what research you present, showing us the most significant results for each architectural element.

> On 9/16/2016 12:28 AM, Mayank Varia wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> I added some more detail to the suggested talks in the Google doc 
>> (link 
>> <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ukSt9g61YYuoKjDIiXjiaaXGoJO7eLP9AjTduXu2sbw/edit?usp=sharing>). 
>> I believe everyone is assigned a talk at this point.
>> Also, I'm attaching a powerpoint template to this email. If at all 
>> possible, please use this template so we all have a common format.
>> Mayank
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