[macs-faculty] MACS meeting this friday

Ran Canetti canetti at tau.ac.il
Sun Sep 4 13:25:06 EDT 2016

Just to chime in that in the site visit next month we will need to show 
collaboration across several lines (institutional, 
crypto/system/hardware/networking, etc). so getting updates on what each 
one of us has been up to is important. since there are 14 of us, and way 
more than 14 projects, it will be dense - but please do try to summarize 
and lets all try to get a global picture of what everyone else is doing.

And who knows, maybe this discussion will also lead to new ideas and 
projects/research directions.

We will also have a quick financial overview, and then will try to start 
planning together how to go about the site visit within the rigid 
framework that nsf set up.

All this should happen before lunch.

let's invite postdocs for the morning session  (except for the financial 
part - so lets do the financial part first)

and invite students for lunch onwards. please encourage them to come!

see you friday


On 9/2/2016 1:30 PM, Mayank Varia wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Quick comments regarding next week's MACS meeting:
> - Our PI-only discussion will begin at 9am on 9/9. (Should be simple 
> enough to remember!) We will prepare for the upcoming site visit.
> - Let's begin our meeting by having each faculty member give a ~3-5 
> minute discussion of some research you've done that you think will be 
> of interest to others (e.g., because others can use it, build upon it, 
> implement and deploy it, etc). You've been warned :)
> - We still have a few open slots for talks in the afternoon. If you 
> have some material for a student/postdoc to present, let me know asap. 
> You can have as much as 30 minutes or as short as 5 (e.g., to present 
> ongoing work in a 'rump session' style).
> Mayank
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> Subject: MACS project meeting, Sept 9 at MIT
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> Hi everyone,
> Ran and I would like to invite you to attend the next meeting for the 
> MACS project <http://www.bu.edu/macs/>. It will be held on Friday, 
> September 9 at the MIT Stata Center <https://whereis.mit.edu/?go=32> 
> in the Star conference room (32-D463).
> We will have lunch followed by an afternoon of talks by your 
> Boston-area security-minded colleagues. We have several confirmed 
> talks listed our website: http://www.bu.edu/macs/meeting-september-2016/
> We welcome additional full-length and rump-session talks; email me if 
> you would like to give one.
> Hope to see you there!
> Mayank
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