[macs-faculty] Future directions slides

Orran Krieger okrieg at bu.edu
Wed Oct 5 22:29:07 EDT 2016

Some nits...

slide 2:
Change “Initial deployment; application starting to run” to “now in production"
Ebbrt should be EbbRT
For Ascent/Sanctum not sure what you mean by stable… I would say implemented

slide 3
IAAS -> IaaS

Do we want to say something about industry engagement?

> On Oct 5, 2016, at 8:27 PM, Ran Canetti <canetti at tau.ac.il> wrote:
> Hi All - sorry for the last minute request, but can you take a look at my future directions presentation (attached)
> and see if you notice anything crazy that i say there? or anything missing or misrepresented?
> thx!
> Ran
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