[macs-faculty] Fwd: MACS site visit report

Mayank Varia varia at bu.edu
Wed Nov 9 09:40:39 EST 2016

Hi everyone,

Let me amend the schedule regarding the response to the site visit report.
Please review the attached report (or at least skim it) by the end of the
week and send me the 1 bit of information about whether you even want to
send a response letter to NSF.

- If so, I'll give you the time you need to write a full response.

- But, if I don't hear anything by Monday (11/14), I'll inform Nina that we
support the panelists' findings and we respectfully decline to write a
response letter.

I'm making this change for a few reasons:

1. The site visit report is overall very positive, and even their
recommendations for future work (e.g., writing a joint manuscript on our
mix-and-match methodology) make sense to me. So, perhaps we should take the

2. NSF won't make its final recommendations on continued year-3 funding
until 1-2 weeks after it receives a report from us. Given the uncertainty
of government budgeting in the current political climate, perhaps it is
best for them to complete their review as soon as possible.


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Subject: Fwd: MACS site visit report
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Hi everyone,

Please see the attached report on our year 2 site visit. If you have any
comments on what the panelists have said, please share your thoughts. We
have the capacity to write a response to the report if we so choose.


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From: Amla, Nina <namla at nsf.gov>
Date: Tue, Nov 8, 2016 at 10:44
Subject: MACS site visit report
To: canetti at bu.edu <canetti at bu.edu>, Mayank Varia <mhv at mit.edu>
Cc: Nikolich, Anita <ANIKOLIC at nsf.gov>, Hodges, Timothy <THODGES at nsf.gov>

Dear Ran, Mayank,
This is the final site visit report. You have till Dec 1st to respond to
the report if you choose. We will consider both the report and your
response in making our decision, and we will inform you of the NSF decision
a week or two after we receive the response.
Nina, Anita and Tim
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